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Business Law

Experienced Business Law Attorney in Fort Lauderdale and Serving All of Florida

Business law encompasses a wide range of topics and needs for our clients.

At Schecter Law, we put our experience to use for you, ensuring that your business is well-represented no matter what issues it may face.

Small Business Attorney in Fort Lauderdale:

Florida Business Law AttorneySome common issues we help clients with include:

Each of these requires expertise to prevent problems that can cause delays or disputes.

Without the help of a seasoned Fort Lauderdale business lawyer, you could incur unnecessary costs that could threaten the future and the success of your business. 

Business Formation

Forming a business requires knowledge of state laws, federal tax law, local zoning ordinances, and other legal matters.

Failure to adhere to the laws could cost you more and threaten the success of your business.

Here are some things you need to address when forming a new business:

Choosing the Right Business Structure

Before you open up shop, it is important to choose the right business structure based on your business and overall goals.Florida Business Formation Lawyers

Sole Proprietorship — This is the most common way to organize a business. The formation of a sole proprietorship is quite simple and provides the business owner with complete control over the business.

Partnership — A partnership is also common and is used when two people go into business together. Both partners will equally share the profits and losses of the business.

Corporation — The definition of a corporation is a group that is created for the sole purpose of conducting business. However, a corporation becomes an entity that is separate from the people who founded it.

Limited Liability Company — An LLC is almost a blend between a partnership and a corporation, and it allows the business owners to directly profit from the company without being held personally liable.

Zoning Laws

Simply put, zoning laws are a set of laws that dictate how a piece of property is to be used, whether for personal or business use.

It is critical that a business obtain property that is properly zoned for business. Operating a business on property that is zoned for personal use creates a myriad of challenges that could threaten the prosperity of the business.

Tax Preparation

Business taxes are more involved than personal taxes, which surprises many new business owners.

Preparing for taxes ahead of time, with the help of an attorney, can help you understand how your business will be taxed and what you will be expected to pay. 

In order to ensure that your business gets off the ground as quickly as possible, contact Schecter Law to begin planning. With our experience, you can overcome the challenges facing your new business with ease, saving time and money.

Business & Asset Acquisition

Acquiring an asset or a business often involves a myriad of issues.Fort Lauderdale Business Acquisition Attorney

Since many people may have an interest in a particular asset or business, it is important to ensure that nothing is overlooked and that the acquisition goes smoothly.

For example, when you acquire an existing business, you are taking on a business that has previous obligations to employees, vendors, and the state.

You need to be absolutely sure of every aspect of the business or asset before you sign on the dotted line, in order to avoid acquiring something you simply cannot pay for.

There is nothing as frustrating as attempting to work out an acquisition only to see it fall apart at the last minute due to an overlooked detail or preventable dispute.

For example, you’re going to need legal assistance with many of the following matters:

  • Purchase agreement
  • Employment agreements with current employees
  • Contingent liability agreements
  • Protection of trade secrets
  • Non-compete agreements
  • Financing documentation
  • Rights of partners
  • Rights of shareholders
  • Confidentiality

The Fort Lauderdale business attorneys at Schecter Law will work hard to ensure your success and see your acquisition through to the very end.

Why Hire a Business Law Attorney in Fort Lauderdale?

During a business formation or a business or asset acquisition, it is critical that you have someone on your side who understands the law and is able to aggressively advocate for your best interests.

The consequences of an unsuccessful business formation or a business acquisition can be severe, costing hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of dollars. 

By working with a seasoned Florida business lawyer, you can ensure that you and your business are both protected.Fort Lauderdale Business Lawyer

When you consult with an attorney, you can get the legal support you need to successfully form your new business or acquire a business and begin building a strong foundation for this new chapter of your life.

Quality Legal Representation for Florida Business Matters

Our South Florida business attorneys utilize the team approach, because we believe that collaboration enhances the quality of service to our clients and adds value to our representation.

Our attorneys bring insightful legal analysis and hard work in every aspect of your case.

We believe in providing big-firm expertise with the affordability of a small firm, so you can be confident that you are getting the most comprehensive legal representation possible for your investment. 

This allows you to save money while sacrificing nothing in terms of expertise or quality of representation.

Open Communication is Key

We take great pride in our client satisfaction and in fostering a level of trust through open communication.

Our Fort Lauderdale business lawyers are as committed to our clients as we are to their cases. Your phone calls are returned promptly, the lawyer assigned to your file is directly accountable to you, and you will always be able to contact the partner in charge directly.

We believe in the importance of solid, regular communication with our clients. We will go the extra mile to give you the high-quality representation that you deserve when dealing with business formation or business acquisition matters.

We also take pride in being able to educate our clients to make critical decisions regarding their business, finances, and future. 

We want you to fully understand the issues at hand, and we will take the time to provide you with imperative information that can help you make smart choices.

Contact Schecter Law Today

If you are currently looking for form a business, don’t hesitate to contact the South Florida business attorneys at Schecter Law.Florida Business Law Firm

It is imperative that you get quality legal help as soon as possible to ensure that your best interests are being protected and advocated for.

We strive to produce satisfied clients, and it is our pleasure to assist you with your business law needs.

Business Lawyer in Fort Lauderdale:

Call today for a consultation to discuss your case and the next step at (954) 779-7009. Our veteran business lawyers are available now to speak with you.