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The Fourth District Court of Appeal Reversed an Order of Dismissal for Fraud on the Court

Herman v. Intracoastal Cardiology Center, 4D11-1214 (Fla. 4th DCA 2013): Mr. Herman appealed a final order dismissing his wrongful death medical malpractice lawsuit for fraud on the court. The lawsuit started when Mrs. Herman filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against her cardiologist. After her death, Mr. Herman was appointed as a personal representative of her […]

Lack of Factual Detail in Record Raised Issues Concerning Statute of Limitations in Real Estate Transaction Lawsuit

In Xavier v. Leviev Boymelgreen Marquis Developers, LLC, 3D11-549(Fla. 3d DCA, Nov. 21, 2012), Maiko A. Xavier and Gricell B. Perez (“Plaintiffs”) sought review of the trial court’s dismissal with prejudice of their real estate transaction lawsuit against Leviev Boymelgreen Marquis Developers (“Defendant”) on the grounds that the lawsuit was filed outside the four-year statute […]

Class Action Certification Under FDUTPA

Miami Auto. Retail, Inc. v. Christine F. Baldwin, No. 3D10-2136 (Fla. 3d DCA June 27, 2012) This case came up on appeal from an order certifying a class of automobile buyers who traded in a vehicle at Miami Auto Retail, also known as Brickell Honda. In the underlying case the plaintiff, Christine Baldwin, purchased a […]