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Experiential Office Space In Florida

New Trend In Office Design

In order to make smart investment decisions, you’ll want to stay up to speed on current office space trends – particularly among tenants that lease commercial buildings. The experiential design is one of these trends, and perhaps the most important new trend in office space design.

Businesses know that clients are no longer satisfied with simply buying – they want to participate. Creating engaging, interactive office spaces is one way a business can give customers what they want – chances are, they will earn customer loyalty in return.

Introducing experiential design into an office space can happen element by element over time, or all at once with a complete overall. As the building owner or landlord, you can make commercial space appealing to tenants.

Experiential design involves building creative spaces that inspire and engage a business’ clients and employees, with the ultimate goal of creating an experience. It usually requires a team of graphic designers, interior designers, and marketers working together to mix create a functional and beautiful space that accurately reflects the brand’s mission and culture.

If your tenants run a retail shop, their job is a little easier – a storefront with a tangible product lends well to experiential design. If the tenants are a company that sells a service, they’re going to have to get creative.

Here are some important elements of experiential design that every commercial property owner should know:

Use strong visuals

Make the office standout among the grey carpets and white walls.

Photography, illustration, fluorescent-lights logo – whatever visuals you employ, make sure they reflect the company’s service or product, brand, and values. It’s important to use colors that reflect the company’s style. Is your business energetic orange, thoughtful green, or gentle blue? These are just a few of the many emotions that colors can invoke.

Add something unique

Whether it’s music, a lobby board game, an electric fireplace, or a souped-up espresso machine with your favorite blend, businesses should have something different that clients can interact with when they walk into a space.

Connect with clients

Businesses will use experiential design to connect with their clients through design. They might have client logos displayed on the wall. Or, they might post a community board of client greeting holiday cards or reviews in the lobby. Better yet, a business might invite clients to a cocktail-hour meet-and-greet in their stunning new space.

The experiential design is transforming commercial real estate everywhere. If you’re an investor looking to buy, now is a great time. Investors should work with a South Florida commercial real estate attorney and an agent in order to ensure they’re getting fair market value on office space. To learn more about trends and investing in commercial real estate, contact Schecter Law today at (954) 779-7009..