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Both residential and commercial real estate transactions can be complex. While it is possible to complete either type of transaction without the assistance of an attorney, this is not always in your best interest.

The most important thing you can do when you are involved in a real estate matter is to consult with an experienced Fort Lauderdale real estate attorney.

At Schecter Law, we have decades of experience on our side.

We understand how challenging residential and commercial real estate matters can be, and we are committed to providing our clients with comprehensive legal representation and assistance with every stage of their real estate transaction.

Residential Real Estate South Florida Residential Real Estate Lawyer

Schecter Law has a team of experienced residential real estate lawyers that can help you sell your home or purchase a new home.

Buying a Home

Buying residential property is often one of the biggest purchases that a person will make in their lifetime. It is critical that you work with an experienced residential real estate attorney in order to ensure that the transaction includes:

  • A home inspection contingency that allows you to walk away from the purchase if the home inspection reveals significant structural damage
  • Seller assist if you so choose
  • Financing that meets your needs
  • Enough time before the closing date

By working with a seasoned lawyer, you can ensure that the terms of your sale contract protect your rights and best interests, and that the transaction is completed in your favor.

Selling a Home

It is just as important to have adequate legal guidance when selling residential real estate as it is when buying it.

When your attorney reviews your sale transaction, he or she will be looking to:

  • Ensure that you are entitled to damages if the purchaser does not fulfill their part of the agreement
  • Ensure that your real estate contract includes certain written advisories that protect your rights and best interests as the seller
  • Ensure that your contract includes all pertinent information, such as the closing date, the purchase price, finance terms, and more

Although selling residential real estate can be done without the help of a lawyer, it could cost you significantly in the long run. Your lawyer will evaluate each aspect of the matter at hand to ensure that the sales transaction is completed in a way that is beneficial and cost-effective for you.

Commercial Real Estate real estate attorney for commercial transactions

Most small business owners need an affordable place to do business. Ideally, the property would be in a good location and properly zoned for business use.

Acquiring or selling commercial real estate can be challenging, especially without the guidance of an experienced commercial real estate lawyer. If you are interested in purchasing or selling commercial property, it is critical that you speak with an attorney as soon as possible.

Purchasing Commercial Real Estate

Often, purchasing commercial real estate is a more involved process than that of residential real estate. There is more that needs to be evaluated, including zoning, development, and even potential disputes.

If you are considering purchasing property for your business, an attorney can help you locate the right property for you.

By taking into account your unique needs as a business owner, your lawyer can help you ensure that your best interests are being protected throughout every stage.

Leasing Commercial Real Estate

Often, renting property for your business is more beneficial than purchasing, especially if your business is just getting off the ground.

However, leasing commercial real estate is far more complex than leasing residential property. It's important that you discuss your needs in detail with an experienced Fort Lauderdale commercial real estate lawyer.

At Schecter Law, we will review your leasing contract to ensure the terms are in your favor, and we will provide you with the information you need to make important decisions about your business and its potential property.

Selling Commercial Real Estate

If you are a commercial real estate owner and are interested in selling your property, a South Florida real estate attorney can help you.

At Schecter Law, we will help you prepare your property for sale, and will help you locate potential buyers that will be interested in what your property offers.

We will work hard not only to make sure that the transaction is completed smoothly, but we will also do everything possible to ensure that you get as much revenue as possible from the property sale.

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Schecter Law is a full service Fort Lauderdale real estate and transactional law firm that has been providing representation and practical legal solutions for property acquisition, sales, investment and development to the greater South Florida community since 1976.

It is our practice to give each client our undivided attention and to dedicate ourselves to our clients' unique needs.

Our ExperienceFlorida attorney for forming business entity

With related experience in real property and business litigation, Schecter Law approaches our client’s transactional needs with an acute sense of preventing future disputes.

Our experience in South Florida transactional law has enabled us to cultivate numerous relationships with business owners, developers, brokers, lenders, and other attorneys, thereby enabling us to efficiently and effectively handle all of our clients’ real estate and transactional needs.

The South Florida Real Estate Lawyer Team Approach

Our South Florida real estate attorneys utilize the team approach because we believe that collaboration enhances the quality of service to our clients, and adds value to our representation.

Schecter Law brings insightful legal analysis and hard work in every aspect of your case. We dedicate detailed and in-depth attention and analysis to all of our cases at a level that surpasses the big firms, but with legal fees that do not.

We are committed to our clients as we are to their cases – Your phone calls are returned promptly; the lawyer assigned to your file is directly accountable to you; and, you will always be able to contact the partner in charge directly, without any buffers.

If you are considering making a real estate purchase or sale, don't hesitate to reach out to one of our experienced real estate attorneys as soon as possible.

Call today at (954) 779-7009 to schedule a consultation to discuss your real estate needs. We are available now to speak with you.