Essential Provisions in a Construction Contract

Construction contracts are very complex. If not negotiated and drafted with superior skill, disputes will develop. A construction contract should provide detailed information regarding every aspect of the construction. Involving an experienced attorney in formulating a construction contract at the beginning may help prevent future headaches. Here are a few essential provisions that should be […]

Formulating Construction Agreements Requires Superior Skill

For the past three years, new home construction has steadily increased in Palm Beach and Broward counties. The demand for homes is exceeding the supply and housing prices are rising. The high demand for homes may be attributable to low mortgage rates and the realization that housing prices are not dropping anytime soon. Although the […]

Florida Condominium Law: Declaration of Condominium

The Declaration of Condominium is an extremely important condominium document. The declaration as originally recorded or as amended may include covenants and restrictions concerning the use, occupancy, and transfer of the units permitted by law with reference to real property. (Fl. St. § 718.104). Buyers should be aware of any covenants or restrictions in their […]