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4 Tips to Buying a Home in a Competitive Florida Market

Homebuying In Florida? With a strong economy and several highly desirable residential neighborhoods of South Florida, with relocators from just about everywhere, the housing market has been quite competitive over the past year for buyers. What can you do as a buyer to ensure that you find the right home at the best price possible? […]

3 Tips for Negotiating a Commercial Lease

As a potential tenant, negotiating most commercial real estate leases is always worthwhile rather than accepting the initial terms that are given. Considering the fact that the lease is one of the top expenses for any business, the effort spent on negotiating more favorable terms or lower costs will go a long way. Below are […]

Finding The Right Business Formation Attorney for Your New Business

Hiring the right Fort Lauderdale business formation attorney is an important decision for any business owner. It’s always a good idea to spend some time on a consultation to get to know your potential attorney and find out exactly how they can help you with planning your business. They must be a good fit in […]

Tips for New Commercial Real Estate Investors

When you are new to commercial real estate investments, you will want to be extremely careful with your first purchases. Picking the right commercial property requires careful planning, the advice of experienced investors, several due diligence steps, and plenty of research. Hiring an experienced South Florida commercial real estate attorney during your property search is beneficial for investors […]

3 More Mistakes to Avoid With Commercial Real Estate Purchases

A commercial real estate purchase is very likely one of the most important business deals of your life, and you need to exercise caution to avoid as many mistakes as possible. There are several exciting markets in South Florida to invest in, but you should always consult with an experienced South Florida commercial real estate attorney as […]

Due Diligence Steps to Take When Buying Multi-Family Commercial Properties

If you are in the process of buying a multi-family commercial property in the state of Florida there are several due diligence steps that you need to perform prior to finalizing your deal. A Fort Lauderdale commercial real estate attorney can advise you on these particular due diligence areas and ensure that you enter into your deal […]

How to Purchase Commercial Real Estate

There is always a conflict between buying and leasing commercial real estate, and there are benefits and disadvantages to each option. If you have decided to purchase commercial real estate, you will want an experienced South Florida commercial real estate attorney to advise you on the deal, as well as several other experts. Buying commercial real estate […]

Affirmed: No Authority to Transfer Interest in a Limited Common Element

Sinatra v. Bussel, 2D12-1031 (Fla. 2d DCA 2013): The Sinatras and Mr. Balog purchased separate condominium units from the Bussels. Both believed that they had purchased a dock and boat slip as part of their individual transactions. The Second District affirmed the trial court’s determination that as a matter of law the Bussels did not […]

What is a “Time is of the Essence” Clause

When a “time is of the essence” clause is contained in a real estate contract, the parties are required to perform certain obligations within a specified time. If a party’s obligation is not performed within the essential time, the non-performing party has defaulted. By defaulting, the other party is provided the opportunity to cancel the […]

Summary Judgment Affirmed in Favor of Landlord in Dispute with Tenant

A trial court granted summary judgment in favor of Spurrier Investments, Inc. (“Landlord”) on LK Group Holding Company’s (“Tenant”) counterclaim for wrongful eviction. Tenant based the counterclaim on the fact that a default judgment of eviction previously obtained by Landlord had been reversed on appeal. The reversal was due to the trial court’s failure to […]