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Commercial Real Estate Problems Are Often Ongoing

Ongoing Issues with Commercial Real Estate Transactions A common misconception with regard to real estate transactions of all descriptions is that once the purchase and sale process is complete and the closing has occurred, all outstanding issues have disappeared and legal advice is no longer required. However, the fact is that there is a nearly […]

Why You Need to Hire a Commercial Real Estate Attorney before Your Next Deal

Hiring a Fort Lauderdale commercial real estate attorney during your commercial property search is always a good idea. Your attorney can save you a substantial amount of money by catching potential problems with your deal and speeding the process up. Commercial real estate purchases and leases can be very complex, even for those with experience. Commercial real estate […]

Tips for New Commercial Real Estate Investors

When you are new to commercial real estate investments, you will want to be extremely careful with your first purchases. Picking the right commercial property requires careful planning, the advice of experienced investors, several due diligence steps, and plenty of research. Hiring an experienced South Florida commercial real estate attorney during your property search is beneficial for investors […]

Key Differences between Residential and Commercial Real Estate Investments

There are some key differences between commercial and residential real estate investments that you should be aware of if you are interested in becoming an investor in either type of property. A Fort Lauderdale commercial real estate attorney can give you more details on some of these key differences and explain them to you further. Mainly, commercial […]

Laws that Commercial Real Estate Owners and Buyers Should Know About

Owners and buyers of commercial real estate in Florida should know that there are many state and local laws that can affect their investment or business. Commercial real estate law is not an easy field to learn about without the advice of an experienced South Florida real estate attorney. There are several laws that you may need […]

Avoiding Zoning Problems with Commercial Real Estate

Your Florida business needs to be properly zoned in order to conduct business. You should never sign a commercial real estate lease or agreement without knowing that your business has the proper zoning rights. Zoning laws in Florida prohibit certain businesses from operating in a particular area. For instance, there are zoning laws that prohibit some industrial […]

Changes Regarding Liability, Statement of Authority, and More in Florida’s New LLC Act from a Fort Lauderdale Business Acquisition & Sales Attorney

If you have an LLC in the state of Florida or will be registering one this year or in the future, you have probably heard about the numerous changes in Florida’s New LLC Act. Consult an experienced Fort Lauderdale business acquisition & sales attorney at Schecter Law today to learn more about how these changes […]

Fort Lauderdale Business Formation Attorney: The Revised Florida LLC Act Eliminates the Concept “Managing Member”

The Revised Florida LLC Act has eliminated the concept of a “managing member” which the Existing Act uses. There are two main recognized structures for LLCs: “member-managed” and “manager-managed”. The Existing LLC Act offered an extra option that allowed an LLC to be managed by “managing-members” which was eliminated in the New Act due to […]

Always Hire a South Florida Real Estate Lawyer Before you Sign a Contract

 Signing a real estate contract before hiring a South Florida real estate lawyer is almost always a mistake and can result in major financial losses to you if an issue arises at any point after the contract has been signed. For instance, problems with the structure such as mold, flooding or foundation issues can spring […]

First Time Buyers Should Hire a Fort Lauderdale Real Estate Attorney to Review Their Contract

 Although everyone should hire a Fort Lauderdale real estate attorney to review their real estate agreements, it’s especially important for first time buyers to hire a lawyer right at the beginning of negotiations or even prior to negotiations. First time buyers do not have the experience to be able to review the terms of a contract on […]