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When Do You Hire a Commercial Real Estate Attorney?

When handling transactions involved in the commercial real estate business, there are several situations that can arise in which it may be difficult for you to handle them entirely on your own. In these circumstances, it’s beneficial for you to hire a knowledgeable commercial real estate attorney in the Fort Lauderdale area, who can easily […]

Common Commercial Real Estate Terms You Need to Know

Attempting to navigate the professional jargon or the business lingo of commercial real estate can be difficult for newer investors or those who aren’t familiar with the industry. While just a few of these terms will be explained here there are many others. Mark Schecter is a knowledgeable South Florida commercial real estate attorney who […]

The Basics of Commercial Real Estate Buying or Leasing

When you’re about to lease or buy one of your fist commercial real estate properties, it’s a good idea to get acquainted with some of the basics and educate yourself as much as possible. Your broker and a Fort Lauderdale commercial real estate attorney can certainly assist you with this, and there are other steps […]

4 Tips for Finding a Good Commercial Real Estate Deal

Whether you are buying or leasing, finding a good commercial real estate deal takes a combination of timing and effort and experience. An expert South Florida commercial real estate attorney can assist you with finding the perfect commercial real estate deal by helping you eliminate the options that aren’t suitable for your particular goals. Tip […]

When is the Right Time to Hire a Fort Lauderdale Real Property Litigation Attorney?

Legal disputes often occur in real estate, and as a result you may need to hire a Fort Lauderdale real property litigation attorney at some point. Both residential and commercial real estate transactions can result in disputes involving land use, boundaries, leases, eminent domain, water rights, hazmat cleanup, and many others. Mark Schecter at Schecter […]

More Benefits and Disadvantages of Buying Versus Leasing Commercial Real Estate

When running a business, at some point you may have to make the decision of buying or leasing commercial real estate. Before you make this choice, it’s advisable to meet with a South Florida commercial real estate attorney, because it’s one of the most important decision for your business and it can have a wide […]

Tips for Investing in a Luxury Real Estate Property in South Florida

The luxury real estate market in South Florida has been expanding rapidly in recent years, and luxury homes are in high demand. Buying a luxury home in the area can be an excellent investment that can earn you a significant profit, but it’s a wise decision to contact a South Florida luxury real estate attorney […]

Intelligent Commercial Real Estate Investing in South Florida

When you are in the process of planning a commercial real estate investment in Fort Lauderdale or South Florida, there are several preparatory steps that you’ll need to take to ensure a successful investment. It’s good decision to get the advice of a Fort Lauderdale commercial real estate lawyer whether you’re an experienced commercial real […]

When Does Leasing Commercial Real Estate in Florida Make Sense?

Leasing commercial real estate can make sense in several different scenarios, but a commercial lease always needs to be carefully examined. Signing the wrong commercial lease can be just as disastrous as buying the wrong property. Hiring a South Florida commercial real estate lawyer to review your lease before you sign it is recommended in […]

Benefits and Disadvantages of Buying Versus Leasing Commercial Real Estate

If you’re in the process of deciding whether or not you want to buy or lease a commercial property, you will have several considerations to take into account. Buying a commercial property has several potential advantages compared to leasing but there are more risks as well and some disadvantages that will vary depending on your […]