4 Tips for Selling Luxury Home in South Florida

Planning on selling your South Florida luxury home in the near future and capitalizing on a hot market? There are a few things you should prepare for to ensure that you get the highest selling price possible and so that your home gets off the market in a reasonable timeframe. A South Florida luxury real […]

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Searching for a Commercial Real Estate Attorney in South Florida

As you delve into your next commercial real estate deal, you’ll want the advice of a qualified South Florida commercial real estate attorney before you get too far along in the process. Below are 4 mistakes to avoid as you go about your next attorney search. Mistake #1 – Waiting too long to hire an […]

What a Fort Lauderdale Title Examination and Insurance Attorney Can Do for You

For real estate transactions, the title search is one of the last but most critical steps in the process. The purpose of a title search is to expose any outstanding liens, mortgages, unsatisfied judgements or claims against the property and establish a clear title. Defects related to easements, encroachments and property surveys are also uncovered […]

3 Commercial Real Estate Mistakes to Avoid

If you don’t have much experience in commercial real estate, you’ll want to be extremely careful as you secure your first investment. As you search for a property, it is a good idea to obtain the assistance of as many experts as possible including a South Florida commercial real estate lawyer. Also avoid the following […]

Why You Need an Attorney When You Buy or Sell a House

Whenever you are purchasing or selling a house, it’s a good idea to have an experienced attorney available for advice. A South Florida real estate attorney can assist you throughout the process and ensure that you are making a smart decision on what may be one of the most significant transactions of your life. Most […]

Steps to Buying a Luxury Home in South Florida

Anyone who is planning to purchase a South Florida luxury home should try to plan out their purchase as much as possible to ensure that they are making a solid investment. Not only will you want to make sure that your luxury home has all the features that you want, but you’ll also want to […]

Steps for Finding a Top Fort Lauderdale Commercial Real Estate Attorney

Before you hire any commercial real estate attorney in Fort Lauderdale, it’s a good idea to perform some research ahead of time to determine who might be the best option. Below are a few steps to help you decide. What is your attorney’s availability? Accessibility to solid legal advice is a must when you’re launching […]

How to Avoid Being a Victim to Real Estate Fraud

Unfortunately, real estate scams remain one of the most common forms of fraud throughout the United States. Accordingly, you have to be particularly careful when considering any new real estate deal. Real estate scams come in all types and are often difficult to spot for the untrained eye. Hiring a Florida real estate lawyer is […]

Common Commercial Real Estate Contract Stipulations

When negotiating a commercial real estate purchase agreement as either a buyer or seller, you will want to include several contract stipulations and contingencies to protect yourself. These terms are a necessary part of any commercial real estate transaction and will allow you to back away from the deal without penalty if certain conditions are […]

What Can a Luxury Real Estate Attorney Do For You?

Hiring a Fort Lauderdale luxury real estate attorney is highly recommended whenever you are planning on purchasing your next home. Whether you are building, designing, leasing, buying or selling a luxury home, Schecter Law can advise you throughout the process and answer any important questions that may arise. We will fully represent your interests and […]