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Negotiating Exclusive Right of Sale Listing Contract Using a Real Estate Law Firm

The most common listing contract in Florida is the exclusive right of sale. An exclusive right of sale listing contract entitles a broker to compensation if the property is sold through the efforts of any party including the owner. Any sale during the term of the listing will cause the owner to be liable to […]

Types of Florida Listing Contracts for Brokers

There are different types of listing contracts available. In Florida, the most common listing contract is an exclusive right of sale. The exclusive right of sale gives brokers the best chance for a return on expenses incurred trying to sell a home. Also available, but less popular are an exclusive agency listing or an open […]

Commission Disputes with Sales Associates

An experienced real estate lawyer will be able to counsel brokers on how to avoid liability and anticipate potential problems in order to avoid expensive disputes. Commission disputes may arise between a broker and sales associate. The Florida Real Estate Commission (“FREC”) does not resolve these matters. A written employment agreement or independent contractor agreement […]

Broker’s Entitlement to Commission

Real estate brokers are employed by property sellers to assist in finding a purchaser or producing a sale. The terms of the broker’s employment may be outlined in a listing agreement. The listing agreement indicates what a broker must do in order to receive a commission. Once the broker either finds a purchaser or produces […]