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Employee Wellbeing: A Workplace Trend That Is Here to Stay

It’s evident that one of the most significant office trends of the 21st century is just beginning to unravel. Employee wellbeing is no longer a trivial workplace “bonus,” it’s become the new standard. It is essential to creating an effective, productive, and happy team. This office design trend used to be seen as a lofty […]

The Return to Brick-and-Mortar

Are Physical Retail Spaces Coming Back? It’s true what they say: the pendulum always swings back. And, believe it or not, physical retail spaces may already be on that trajectory. Brick-and-mortar stores that reigned for decades have slowly been closing their doors across the U.S. It’s becoming evident that retail in the traditional sense can […]

How a Lawyer Can Help with Your Property Purchase or Sale

A real estate attorney can be a blessing for anyone looking to buy or sell a property. Whether it’s an oceanside condominium, family home, commercial building, or vacant land, you’re bound to need some legal advice along the way. Real estate lawyers can help you at many steps of the process – and it can be […]

3 Reasons why South Florida is a Hot Commercial Real Estate Market

The commercial real estate sector in South Florida is huge right now. Between a bustling economy, growing population and more, South Florida is one of the finest spots to invest in, across multiple commercial sectors and niches. The three reasons below can shed any kind of doubt you may have about the booming South Florida […]

Top Industry Concerns Affecting Commercial Real Estate

The major issues that affect the real estate industry change on a regular basis. The below concerns have been affecting both commercial and residential real estate recently are expected to continue to do so into 2019. Before you conduct any transaction, it’s recommended to meet with a Florida commercial real estate attorney to discuss how […]

4 Common Commercial Real Estate Legal Issues

As you deal with your next commercial real estate transaction, there is an almost endless number of legal issues that may arise during negotiations, at closing, or afterward. Working with a South Florida commercial real estate attorney is a must when dealing with any of the common legal scenarios below: Zoning and Land Use Proper […]

3 Tips for Negotiating a Commercial Lease

As a potential tenant, negotiating most commercial real estate leases is always worthwhile rather than accepting the initial terms that are given. Considering the fact that the lease is one of the top expenses for any business, the effort spent on negotiating more favorable terms or lower costs will go a long way. Below are […]

Zoning Considerations Before Investing in a Property

For an investment as significant and large as real property, zoning and land use is one of many crucial considerations. Although it is more relevant for commercial acquisitions, residential real estate investors may also have zoning concerns regarding upgrades, new construction restrictions, etc. A real estate in lawyer in Florida can serve as a valuable […]

Why Are Personal Guarantees Needed for a Commercial Lease

Most commercial real estate landlords require the lessee to provide a personal guarantee as a way to secure themselves against the potential of a future default. Although this is a common request, effort should be spent to negotiate any personal guarantee and other lease terms with the assistance of a Fort Lauderdale commercial real estate […]

How Do You Avoid a Bad Commercial Real Estate Deal?

With the often-large sums of money involved in most commercial real estate transactions, the time and effort you spend identifying and avoiding bad deals is well worth it. Hiring a South Florida commercial real estate attorney is perhaps the best way to get an experienced viewpoint and spot a bad deal before you sign on […]