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Zoning Considerations Before Investing in a Property

For an investment as significant and large as real property, zoning and land use is one of many crucial considerations. Although it is more relevant for commercial acquisitions, residential real estate investors may also have zoning concerns regarding upgrades, new construction restrictions, etc. A real estate in lawyer in Florida can serve as a valuable […]

Why Are Personal Guarantees Needed for a Commercial Lease

Most commercial real estate landlords require the lessee to provide a personal guarantee as a way to secure themselves against the potential of a future default. Although this is a common request, effort should be spent to negotiate any personal guarantee and other lease terms with the assistance of a Fort Lauderdale commercial real estate […]

How Do You Avoid a Bad Commercial Real Estate Deal?

With the often-large sums of money involved in most commercial real estate transactions, the time and effort you spend identifying and avoiding bad deals is well worth it. Hiring a South Florida commercial real estate attorney is perhaps the best way to get an experienced viewpoint and spot a bad deal before you sign on […]

3 Tips for Negotiating a Commercial Lease

As a potential tenant, negotiating most commercial real estate leases is always worthwhile rather than accepting the initial terms that are given. Considering the fact that the lease is one of the top expenses for any business, the effort spent on negotiating more favorable terms or lower costs will go a long way. Below are […]

How Security Deposits are Used in Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate Security Deposits: What You Need To Know It is standard procedure for commercial real estate landlords to request a security deposit to protect themselves from unpaid expenses or property damage. The security deposit can be used for any number of reasons that are outlined in the lease agreement such as repairing damages […]

Tips for Improving the Cash Flow of Your Commercial Property

Top Tips To the Cash Flow of Your Commercial Property As a commercial real estate property owner, it’s always helpful to look for ways to maximize your cash flow. Many of the methods of accomplishing a higher cash flow will also make your tenants happier while improving your profitability. The tips below can be implemented […]

Tips for Choosing the Right Business Location

How Do You Decide On The Right Business Location As you prepare to find your next business location in South Florida, there are several preparatory steps to consider in order to ensure that you are making the right decision. If location is important for your business, such in the hospitality or retail industry, every ounce of […]

4 Commercial Real Estate Investment Mistakes to Avoid

Commercial Real Estate Investments Mistakes To Look Out For Commercial real estate investment can be lucrative with the proper planning, but there are many steps involved in a successful deal, and every bit of effort counts. As you plan your next commercial real estate investment in South Florida, you will want to avoid the following […]

Trends to Watch for in Commercial Real Estate This Year

Upcoming Commercial Real Estate Trends 2018 is well underway with several anticipated commercial real estate trends that have started to come to fruition. Analyzing the trends can be helpful as you plan your next commercial real estate move, along with meeting with a knowledgeable South Florida commercial real estate attorney. Below are a few of […]

Tips for Finding the Perfect Office Space for Your Business

Find The Best Office Space For You South Florida Business Whether you are a startup or an established business, there may come time for you to upgrade to a new office space. Many founders aren’t sure where to start or what to do when it comes to securing their first office space. That’s where hiring […]