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Main Differences Between a Corporation and an LLC

Limited liability companies (referred to as LLCs) are a type of business entity that have a few of the same features as a corporation, but are overall more flexible in their business operation. Choosing to schedule a consultation with the right Fort Lauderdale business formation attorney can help you to better understand the differences between […]

Things to Know Before Hiring a South Florida Small Business Lawyer

Before you hire any South Florida small business lawyer it helps to know what to expect so that you make the best possible decision. A small business lawyer can assist you with many aspects of planning and organizing your business, but working with an experienced attorney is essential. Below are some of the most important […]

Benefits of Hiring a Fort Lauderdale Small Business Lawyer

Whether you are an established business or just starting out, at some point you will very likely need legal advice from a Fort Lauderdale small business lawyer. Typical circumstances that arise include the launch of a new partnership or corporation, copyright or trademark issues, the purchase or sale of a business or division, lease agreement […]

Is Forming a C Corporation the Right Decision for Your Business in Florida?

Forming a C corporation is a good decision for some businesses because of the unique advantages that this particular business structure offers, but it is not right for every business. It’s well worth the time and money to hire a Fort Lauderdale business formation attorney for quick advice on the best business structure for your particular needs. In […]

Obtaining a Florida Business License

Obtaining a business license in Florida requires multiple steps that vary depending on the type of business that you are operating. LLCs, corporations, and partnerships must register with the Florida Division of Corporations before they can operate in the state. A South Florida business formation lawyer can help you with obtaining the proper licenses, permits […]

Should You Create Your Own Partnership Agreement?

Drafting your own partnership agreement may be tempting when you are starting a new venture as a way to save money, but the consequences can be significant if there is a disagreement or other conflict in the future. Hiring a Fort Lauderdale business formation attorney is always a smart decision no matter how much you […]

Single Member LLCs versus Sole Proprietorships in Florida

When you’re starting a new business in Florida you may be caught between deciding to launch as a sole proprietor or as a single member LLC. Launching a sole proprietorship is not as complicated as an LLC and there is less paperwork required. But, it doesn’t offer the same protections as an LLC and there […]

How to Pick the Right Business Structure for your Business

Choosing a business structure is often challenging because there isn’t one specific structure that will work for every type of business. Many factors come into play including the number of owners of the business, the type of business, its current and future financial situation and more. A South Florida business formation attorney can help you […]

How to Organize a Business Partnership

A business partnership is defined as any venture or trade involving two or more people working together. Partnerships can be an excellent way to connect talented people and reward them with business ownership and profit, and a partnership can improve the chances that a venture will be successful. When you form a new business partnership in South […]

How a Lawyer Can Help Your Small Business

Running a small business can be complicated, and a Broward County small business lawyer can often be an invaluable ally during the planning and execution of your business. Many small business owners wait until the last second to hire a lawyer and this is all too often a mistake. A lawyer can reduce the chance […]