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How to Decide Between Buying and Renting Your Place of Business

Is It Better To Buy Or Rent A Business Location One of the biggest decisions you will make as a business owner is choosing between buying a property for your place of business or renting. The decision will impact your business in several ways, for better or worse, when it comes to flexibility, tax benefits, […]

3 Things to Consider When Looking For New Office Space

If your company has started to grow, congratulations! It is an exciting time, and you might be looking for a new space in the near future. If you’re looking to expand to South Florida, there are many potential options, and it can be challenging to narrow them down. Below are a few things to consider […]

Why Using a Template for your Articles of Incorporation is a Bad Idea

Are you in the process of launching a for-profit corporation (C-Corp) in Florida? This state requires you to include your articles of incorporation which is used to identify certain basic information about the company and its operating characteristics. This document is not something you will want to make a mistake on, and the state recommends […]

3 Questions to Ask Your Attorney Before Starting a Florida Business

Starting A Business In Florida? What Questions Should You Ask Your Lawyer? Being proactive can make all of the difference with ensuring the success of any new business venture in Florida. As you prepare for your next business, it’s always a good decision to meet with a South Florida business formation lawyer to discuss a […]

Legal Issues to Consider During Business Formation

As you plan the formation of a new business, there are several legal issues to consider, which is why it can be very helpful to work with a Fort Lauderdale business formation attorney. Below are some common issues that can arise, but it’s always best to meet with your attorney for specific guidance: Trademarks and […]

How a South Florida Business Formation Attorney Can Help

Business Formation Advice As you prepare to launch your next business in South Florida, it’s well worth your time to meet with a business formation attorney to discuss some of the potential ways they can help. It’s often advisable to get legal assistance with crucial steps like drafting your operating agreement and contracts, choosing the […]

Major Types of Commercial Leases

When you’re ready to lease a new space for your business, you’ll likely have many questions and concerns, even if you are experienced with the process. There are multiple lease structures, each one having a different impact on your business and cost liability, and they can be quite complicated in their terms. Before reviewing or […]

3 Professionals to Meet with Before Starting a New Business

Around this time of year many entrepreneurs plan on launching new businesses in Florida and are often eager to get started. However, taking a bit of time to meet with professionals to get some expert advice is always advisable before the customers start rolling in. Before You Start A Business You’ll Want To Meet With: […]

Single Member LLCs versus Sole Proprietorships in Florida

When you’re starting a new business in Florida you may be caught between deciding to launch as a sole proprietor or as a single member LLC. Launching a sole proprietorship is not as complicated as an LLC and there is less paperwork required. But, it doesn’t offer the same protections as an LLC and there […]

Mistakes to Avoid When Starting a Business in South Florida

As you start a new business in South Florida, you’ll want to take several steps to prepare to ensure that things go smoothly after your launch date. A South Florida business formation attorney can advise you regarding a wide range of regulatory and business formation issues so that you don’t run into any major obstacles […]