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A Fort Lauderdale Business Formation Attorney Can Help You Choose the Right Legal Structure

Selecting the proper legal structure is one of the most important initial decisions that a business owner can make. Picking the wrong structure can have serious potential liability and tax consequences. An experienced Fort Lauderdale business formation attorney can assist you with choosing the best legal structure for your business and advise you on the […]

Why You Should Hire a South Florida Business Formation Attorney to Incorporate

With a wide range of different do-it-yourself legal document services available, many Florida entrepreneurs try to manage the important task of incorporating their business on their own. Online legal document preparation services offer the promise that they can give business owners everything that they need to file the documents for a new business at a […]

Areas of Concern When You Form a New Business

Areas of Concern When You Form a New Business When you start a new company, you should seek the advice of a South Florida business formation attorney who can assist you with all aspects of your business’s formation. Many entrepreneurs mistakenly launch a business without having a plan in place to manage their risk. An […]

The Most Common Real Estate Disputes Handled by a Fort Lauderdale Real Property Litigation Attorney – Part 1 of 2

Both commercial and residential real estate disputes are quite common and sometimes inevitable. If you find yourself in any type of real estate dispute, you will want a Fort Lauderdale real property litigation attorney with experience in dispute resolution and a deep understanding of the litigation process to advise you. Real estate disputes are not […]

Lender Liability Claims for Breach of Contract

The doctrine of lender liability refers to the various legal theories a commercial borrower may bring against their lender for purported misconduct. According to the American Bankers Association, breach of contract is the most prevalent theory of lender liability used by borrowers against lenders. The South Florida lender liability claims attorneys at Schecter Law have […]

Constructive Eviction of a Commercial Tenant

Katz Deli v. Waterways Plaza, 3D12-3409 & 3D13-124 (Fla. 3d DCA 2013): This appeal and cross-appeal contested the amount of damages awarded for a breach of contract that led to the constructive eviction and ultimate destruction of Katz Deli. Katz Deli expanded by leasing a space in the Waterways Plaza of Aventura. The lease required […]

Fort Lauderdale Condominium Disputes

Condominiums created and existing in the state of Florida are subject to the provisions of the Florida Condominium Act. The Act gives statutory recognition to the condo form of ownership of real property and establishes procedures for the creation, sale, and operation of condos. Our South Florida condominium dispute attorneys are well equipped to handle […]

Construction Defect Claims

Construction is taking place all over South Florida. Looking around Brickell, Downtown Miami, and Fort Lauderdale you will undoubtedly spot cranes working on various projects. With all of the construction, there are likely to be instances of construction related litigation. One particular area of construction litigation is construction defects. Our experienced Fort Lauderdale law firm […]

Condo Association Failed to Lay Proper Foundation for Admitting Ledgers into Evidence

Yang v. Sebastian Lakes Condominium Ass’n, 4D12-3363 and 4D12-3364 (Fla. 4th DCA 2013): This appeal focused on the business record exception to the hearsay rule. Two condo owners appealed a final judgment of foreclosure on the condo association’s liens for assessed maintenance fees. The association’s attorney sent letters to condo owners notifying them of overdue […]

Mandatory Injunction to Comply with Restrictive Covenant Reversed in Part

Boyle v. Hernando Beach South Property Owners Association, Inc., 5D12-2993 (Fla. 5th DCA 2013): Boyle is the owner of a residence in a subdivision that is subject to a restrictive agreement (“Agreement”). The Agreement requires that lot owners keep their lots in a neat, clean and orderly condition and that any violators may be subject […]