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modified gross commercial lease agreement with money on a table.

Florida Modified Gross Commercial Leases With a gross lease, the tenant pays a single agreed upon rent that covers all of the property’s expenses including taxes, insurance, maintenance, utilities and more. In a net lease, the tenant pays for the property taxes, insurance, maintenance, or all three, along with their rent. A modified gross lease […]

Single Member LLCs versus Sole Proprietorships in Florida

When you’re starting a new business in Florida you may be caught between deciding to launch as a sole proprietor or as a single member LLC. Launching a sole proprietorship is not as complicated as an LLC and there is less paperwork required. But, it doesn’t offer the same protections as an LLC and there […]

commercial real estate in south florida

4 Tips for Success with Commercial Real Estate Investing Investing in commercial real estate in South Florida requires a keen eye to spot great deals as well as plenty of patience. A substantial amount of time must be spent upfront on research and pinpointing the right type of investment in the current market. Getting the […]

building lease lawyer south florida

Leasing A Building In Fort Lauderdale Or South Florida? 6 Things Startups Need To Know It is an exciting time when your startup begins to grow, and there is a good chance that you’ll be considering leasing a new office or commercial building at some point. Below is a brief list of concerns that startups […]

zoning and planning south florida

Zoning and Planning Issues to Look for When Buying Property in South Florida As a real estate buyer in Florida, it is your responsibility to perform adequate due diligence while eying a specific property. One of the most crucial steps is to check the current zoning and review planning concerns, whether it’s a commercial or […]

real estate market analysis south florida

What You Need To Know About Real Estate Market Analysis Before a real estate investor purchases a property, they should perform a detailed market analysis to determine the feasibility of the potential investment. It’s an area that is often underestimated, but it remains one of the most important steps for thoroughly evaluating any potential investment. […]

Fort Lauderdale Residential Real Estate Lawyer

What is title insurance? Title insurance is a form of insurance that protects both lenders and real estate owners against financial losses as a result of previously undiscovered title defects or disputes. It protects against a full range of scenarios including tax liens, inaccurate names, beneficiary claims, easement disputes and other unanticipated problems that may […]

After Hurricane Irma, real estate professionals in South Florida are assessing the damages and trying to determine what impact, if any, it will have on the market in the short and long term. Because of the fact that Irma was not as severe as anticipated, the expectation is that the hurricane will have a minimal […]

Commercial Real Estate Lawyer Broward County

Negotiating your commercial lease is one of the most important steps in your business that will have major ramifications. A favorable commercial lease will give you the best chance of success, while a poorly negotiated lease will end up being a significant liability. To ensure that your new business or relocation starts off smoothly, be […]

Fort Lauderdale Commercial Real Estate Lawyer

You have likely signed a basic lease agreement at one point or another for an apartment, vehicle, or boat. Most of these agreements use a standard lease template with minor adjustments, and negotiations are typically simple. However, when it comes to commercial real estate leases, these agreements become far more complicated and frequently require the […]