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Fort Lauderdale Commercial Real Estate Attorney

Before you hire any commercial real estate attorney in Fort Lauderdale, it’s a good idea to perform some research ahead of time to determine who might be the best option. Below are a few steps to help you decide. What is your attorney’s availability? Accessibility to solid legal advice is a must when you’re launching […]

South Florida Business Formation Attorney

Working with a South Florida business formation lawyer often makes sense when you need assistance with launching your business. A business formation attorney will have the experience to help you make critical decisions such as choosing your particular business structure, drafting some of your initial contracts, and even with finding the best potential location for […]

South Florida Business Attorney

Throughout the life of your business, there will likely be multiple points where you’ll need to hire a South Florida business attorney. Business owners will sometimes wait until they have no other option than to hire an attorney for a pressing legal issue, however proactive company founders will often get advice from an attorney at […]

South Florida Commercial Real Estate Attorney

During any commercial real estate lease negotiation, you’ll want to have a South Florida commercial real estate attorney review your potential lease and ensure that there are sufficient provisions in the agreement to protect you from future circumstances.   Before signing any commercial lease, be sure that you have a qualified legal expert advise you […]

Florida Real Estate Fraud Lawyer

Unfortunately, real estate scams remain one of the most common forms of fraud throughout the United States. Accordingly, you have to be particularly careful when considering any new real estate deal. Real estate scams come in all types and are often difficult to spot for the untrained eye. Hiring a Florida real estate lawyer is […]

Fort Lauderdale Commercial Real Estate Lawyer

When negotiating a commercial real estate purchase agreement as either a buyer or seller, you will want to include several contract stipulations and contingencies to protect yourself. These terms are a necessary part of any commercial real estate transaction and will allow you to back away from the deal without penalty if certain conditions are […]

Fort Lauderdale Business Formation Lawyer

Startup companies reach several points during which the guidance of an experienced Fort Lauderdale business formation attorney will be both necessary and beneficial, including at their formation, while creating and negotiating contracts, when determining ownership rights and others. During any of these important steps, it’s a good idea for many startups to work with smaller […]

Fort Lauderdale Luxury Real Estate Attorney

Hiring a Fort Lauderdale luxury real estate attorney is highly recommended whenever you are planning on purchasing your next home. Whether you are building, designing, leasing, buying or selling a luxury home, Schecter Law can advise you throughout the process and answer any important questions that may arise. We will fully represent your interests and […]

South Florida Real Estate Lawyer

In the past, we have discussed some of the benefits and disadvantages of investing in commercial real estate. Below are some additional pros and cons to consider as you plan out your next deal. If you have any questions on these areas or other aspects of commercial real estate investing, be sure to call Mark […]

South Florida Real Estate Lawyer

Although some may prefer to complete their real estate transaction without legal advice, the cost of hiring a South Florida real estate attorney is far lower than dealing with an unfavorable contract or other legal problem after a closing has been finalized. Neglecting to proactively hire a real estate attorney all too often results in […]