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Sell Your Luxury Home, Schecter Law

Selling your luxury home Why do some luxury homeowners sell their home quickly and pain-free while others struggle on the marketplace for several months or more? Aside from working with a knowledgeable realtor and Fort Lauderdale luxury residential real estate attorney, below are some useful tips for selling your luxury home sooner rather than later. […]

Florida Commercial Real Estate Attorney

The commercial real estate sector in South Florida is huge right now. Between a bustling economy, growing population and more, South Florida is one of the finest spots to invest in, across multiple commercial sectors and niches. The three reasons below can shed any kind of doubt you may have about the booming South Florida […]

Attorney For Investing In South Florida Real Estate

South Florida is one of the most productive places to invest. South Florida is one of the most productive places in the country to invest in both residential and commercial real estate. High yields and a strong economy have contributed to a major boom in Florida home buying and the growth of the commercial sector. […]

Florida Luxury Real Estate Attorney

Investing In Luxury Real Estate It’s no secret that the South Florida luxury real estate market is a fantastic and rewarding place to invest in recent years. Savvy investors have found multiple opportunities to improve their bottom line, discover new homes, and expand their cash flow. A deep understanding of the market is essential prior […]

Luxury Home Purchase Attorney In Tampa, FL

While the luxury real estate market in South Florida has been steadily healthy for a while now, experts predict that the region is due for an even more impressive boom. Below are four of the top reasons why you might consider buying a luxury home in South Florida in the near future, and how a […]

Buying A Home In South Florida

Interested in buying a home in South Florida? You may be in the market to buy a new home in South Florida and you likely have many questions if that’s the case, especially if it’s your first time. It’s a good idea to meet with a South Florida residential real estate attorney to address any […]

Florida Commercial Real Estate Lawyer, Mark Schecter

The major issues that affect the real estate industry change on a regular basis. The below concerns have been affecting both commercial and residential real estate recently are expected to continue to do so into 2019. Before you conduct any transaction, it’s recommended to meet with a Florida commercial real estate attorney to discuss how […]

Attorney For Residential Purchases In Florida

It remains an excellent time to consider buying a home as both interest rates and many Florida real estate markets have continued to rise. If you happen to be searching in South Florida, you probably already know that it has been a highly active and competitive seller’s market in 2018. Although it isn’t commonly known, […]

Attorney for Florida Real Estate Legal Issues

As you deal with your next commercial real estate transaction, there is an almost endless number of legal issues that may arise during negotiations, at closing, or afterward. Working with a South Florida commercial real estate attorney is a must when dealing with any of the common legal scenarios below: Zoning and Land Use Proper […]

Attorney for Luxury Home Purchase In Florida

The luxury home market is South Florida has been active in recent months, with home prices soaring in several neighborhoods as a result of a strong economy and growing incomes. Purchasing the right luxury home presents an opportunity to acquire a premium real estate investment while also taking care of your personal needs for a […]