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Short Term Rental Attorney in South Florida

Vacation Rentals In South Florida With 43 booming vacation rental markets, Florida is an investor’s top choice across the United States. A recent report by AirDNA, a company that collects and analyzes short-term vacation rental data, dubbed the Sunshine State one of the best places in the country to invest in commercial residential property. Cities […]

Attorney For Modular Homes In Florida

The rise in popularity of modular homes Modular homes are a 21st-century invention. As they increase in popularity, they become more customizable, easier to assemble, and include a greater variety of features and materials. Modular homes are buildings built off-site in a factory setting. They are constructed in sections and transported to the building site to […]

Attorney for Commercial Real Estate Plans

It’s evident that one of the most significant office trends of the 21st century is just beginning to unravel. Employee wellbeing is no longer a trivial workplace “bonus,” it’s become the new standard. It is essential to creating an effective, productive, and happy team. This office design trend used to be seen as a lofty […]

Commercial Real Estate Attorney

Real Estate and Technology Over the last decade, new innovations in technology have begun to transform sectors across the board, including real estate. Real estate technology makes both the agent’s and the buyer’s jobs easier, by reducing paperwork and making transactions, financial or otherwise, more efficient. Our South Florida real estate lawyer services deal with […]

Luxury Real Estate Lawyer, Mark Schecter

Gateway Cities It used to be that the gateway cities – New York, Washington, Los Angeles, among others – were by far the most desirable places to invest in real estate in the United States. But this is beginning to change. As those real estate markets become saturated and young homebuyers look for more affordable […]

Attorney for Millennials Real Estate

In the early 2010s, it looked as though millennials might never jump on the homebuying wagon. The financial crisis had left the housing market, among others, in shambles. That meant that the lower-risk rental was the popular choice. But that has begun to change in recent years. Homebuying is back “in,” and millennials, typically first-time […]

Fort Lauderdale Attorney For Commercial Real Estate

Are Physical Retail Spaces Coming Back? It’s true what they say: the pendulum always swings back. And, believe it or not, physical retail spaces may already be on that trajectory. Brick-and-mortar stores that reigned for decades have slowly been closing their doors across the U.S. It’s becoming evident that retail in the traditional sense can […]

Interior Design For Florida Properties

Importance Of Interior Design Interior design may not be the first thing commercial real estate investors are thinking about when considering purchasing a property. But perhaps they should. It’s important that buyers stay up-to-date on trends in office and residential space design, so they can purchase, renovate, or build a building that will both attract […]

Sustainable Real Estate In Florida

Sustainable Real Estate Sustainability is a trend that’s been on the rise for the last decade or so, but has really begun to count in the last few years. Now, it’s no longer considered a socially responsible choice, but it’s considered a good business decision, too. From cost-cutting to reputation boosting, purchasing or building with […]

Experiential Office Space In Florida

New Trend In Office Design In order to make smart investment decisions, you’ll want to stay up to speed on current office space trends – particularly among tenants that lease commercial buildings. The experiential design is one of these trends, and perhaps the most important new trend in office space design. Businesses know that clients […]