Single Member LLCs versus Sole Proprietorships in Florida

When you’re starting a new business in Florida you may be caught between deciding to launch as a sole proprietor or as a single member LLC. Launching a sole proprietorship is not as complicated as an LLC and there is less paperwork required. But, it doesn’t offer the same protections as an LLC and there […]

Top Mistakes of New Commercial Real Estate Investors

If you are new to commercial real estate investment, it’s essential to do everything in your power to minimize the chance of making a mistake. As a beginning investor, there are plenty of important areas that you may overlook unintentionally. Even experienced investors make mistakes when they are not careful with their planning and calculations. […]

How to Pick the Right Business Structure for your Business

Choosing a business structure is often challenging because there isn’t one specific structure that will work for every type of business. Many factors come into play including the number of owners of the business, the type of business, its current and future financial situation and more. A South Florida business formation attorney can help you […]

How to Find a Good Commercial Real Estate Deal

Although your chances of finding a good commercial real estate deal often improve with experience, there are a few preparatory steps that you can take to guarantee that you get the most favorable deal possible, regardless of your experience level. You probably already know that commercial mortgage lenders usually want at least 20 to 30 […]

Financial Due Diligence Steps for Commercial Real Estate

Any successful commercial real estate deal will require several due diligence steps. Financial due diligence encompasses several of them. As important as financial due diligence is for any potential commercial real estate deal, it is sometimes completely overlooked, rushed or otherwise performed inaccurately.   A South Florida commercial real estate attorney can give you detailed […]

What If My Property Survey Is Not Correct?

A property survey is a drawing of the boundaries of a specific property and includes details about its structures and easements. Property surveyors use the legal description of a property and other research to map out its boundaries. They may look up easements and other restrictions that are listed in the property’s deed history in […]

Resolving Brokerage Disagreements Between Two Agents

Disputes involving compensation are common between real estate agents, and these types of disputes can even hold up real estate deals and make them more stressful for everyone involved. Real estate agents are usually focused on finalizing a deal and ensuring that every party is happy, but disputes can arise regarding commission percentages, listing referrals, […]

Resolving Brokerage Disagreements Between Agents and Buyers or Sellers

Like any business relationship, real estate agents and buyers and sellers can have disputes. Many disputes result from poor communication, but in other cases real estate agents don’t provide the level of service that the buyer or seller expects. Clients who feel neglected are likely to end up causing disputes that can slow transactions down […]

Resolving a Title Policy Defect

Your purchase of a commercial or residential property may be a new event for you, but most properties have a long and detailed history. A Fort Lauderdale title examination and insurance attorney can perform a thorough title search on any property that you are interested in buying and uncover defects. If a defective title is […]

How to Subdivide Property In Florida

Subdividing a property involves splitting it up into two or more units or lots. For many, the purpose is to sell or lease some or all of the units, or divide the property up among multiple owners or family members. Florida has its own unique regulations involving property subdivision. During the process of planning out […]