Common Real Estate Transaction Disputes Between Buyers and Sellers

Inevitably, disputes will occur between real estate buyers and sellers that end up delaying or ending a transaction altogether. In other cases, disputes occur after the deal is closed. For the quick negotiation and resolution of these problems, it’s recommended to work with a Fort Lauderdale real estate attorney who can mediate conflicts and offer […]

What a Fort Lauderdale Title Examination and Insurance Attorney Can Do for You

For real estate transactions, the title search is one of the last but most critical steps in the process. The purpose of a title search is to expose any outstanding liens, mortgages, unsatisfied judgements or claims against the property and establish a clear title. Defects related to easements, encroachments and property surveys are also uncovered […]

4 Circumstances During Which You Should Consult a Business Attorney

As a new or experienced small business owner, you may run into one or more pivotal circumstances during which you should hire a South Florida business formation lawyer for advice. A few of these scenarios are outlined below: You’re deciding on your business structure During the early phases of your business, you’ll want the guidance […]

How Can I Find the Zoning or Land Use of a Property?

Zoning is the division of real estate into various districts that are regulated in regard to lot size, permitted uses and other requirements. Zoning requirements are set by cities in Florida to ensure that communities grow in a predictable way and to protect the safety and welfare of the public and specify the ways in […]

Comparing Florida LLCs to S Corps

Picking the appropriate structure for your business in Florida is essential, as it can save you the trouble of having to reclassify your business in the future. Many business owners narrow down their choice to a Florida LLC versus an S corp. Both of these entities have many similarities but a few key differences, and […]

Basics of a Commercial Lease Agreement

Renting a commercial building is a major responsibility; the success of your business involves finding the right space. Also, the terms of your lease agreement can have a major impact on your operation. It is extremely important to have a properly structured commercial lease agreement that has protections for you, remedies if something goes wrong, […]

Some of the Advantages and Disadvantages of Investing in Commercial Real Estate

There are some key unique differences between commercial and residential real estate investments. Commercial property investments offer a higher potential financial reward, but this also comes with a higher level of risk. Understanding these risks and rewards is essential if you are looking to invest in commercial real estate. It’s always a good idea to […]

Commercial Leasing versus Buying

Businesses in Florida need an appropriate space in which to function, which is the main reason why business owners buy or lease commercial real estate. Buying a commercial property gives the business owner much more control over the property than leasing, but buying is usually much more expensive upfront and riskier. Many business owners prefer […]

What You Should Know about Commercial Leases

Before you rent a commercial property, you should be aware of the responsibility and the risks that go into it. Before making a final decision on a commercial lease, it’s always a good idea to get the opinion of a Fort Lauderdale commercial real estate lawyer no matter how certain that you are about the […]

Some of the Most Important Due Diligence Steps for any Commercial Real Estate Transaction

Thoroughly investigating any potential investment is a must, especially one that is as crucial and important as a commercial real estate purchase or lease. A commercial real estate lease or purchase can quite literally make or break a company, with the right lease being a major asset to the business sand the wrong lease being […]