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For many businesses, a trade secret is the lifeblood of their given organization. Starting a successful business is extremely difficult and those who have the formula for success do not want it shared with the world. Because of this, many trade secrets are closely guarded and shared with only the most trusted employees. When an employee breaches that trust and shares a trade secret without express approval, it can lead to a claim of misappropriation of trade secrets filed by a Fort Lauderdale misappropriation of trade secrets attorney.

Trade secrets can include a business formula, compilation, pattern, program, device, method, technique, or process which, though neither copyrighted nor patented, is used in the conduct of the owner’s business, is not disclosed to the public, and provides the owner with some competitive advantage. Misappropriation of a trade secret occurs when a person acquires the trade secret of another by means which the person knows or has reason to know constitutes improper means, or when a person discloses or uses the trade secret without the express or implied consent of the trade secret owner.

The Florida Uniform Trade Secrets Act prohibits the misappropriation of trade secrets and under certain circumstances provides for the remedies of injunctive relief, damages and attorneys’ fees. The attorneys at Schecter Law are prepared to handle your misappropriation claim, and will help you determine a creative and cost-effective course of action.

Our South Florida misappropriation of trade secrets attorneys have the knowledge and experience to evaluate the claim and let you know what type of remedies you can expect. This can give you a better idea and better understanding of the process. Because of that, you will have an expectation for the best outcome possible without being left in the dark. We take great pride in working together to give our clients the best representation they can possibly receive.

We utilize the team approach because we believe that collaboration enhances the quality of service to our clients, and adds value to our representation. Our attorneys bring insightful legal analysis and hard work in every aspect of your case. We dedicate detailed and in-depth attention and analysis to all of our cases at a level that surpasses the big firms, but with legal fees that do not. This allows you to save money while sacrificing nothing in terms of expertise or quality of representation. We take great pride in our client satisfaction and in fostering a level of trust through open communication.

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We are committed to our clients as we are to their cases – Your phone calls are returned promptly; the lawyer assigned to your file is directly accountable to you; and, you will always be able to contact the partner in charge directly, without any buffers. If you are currently involved in a dispute involving a misappropriation of your company’s trade secrets, contact the South Florida misappropriation of trade secrets attorneys at Schecter Law. We strive to produce satisfied clients and we would be happy to assist in any actions you may have.

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