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Running an LLC or Partnership requires trust and commitment from all parties. Often this collaboration is there in the beginning. As time goes on, however, it is possible that one party begins to disagree with particular decisions or the direction of his company. If these disagreements cannot be resolved it can lead to litigation between partners, resulting in complicated disputes that can threaten the entire LLC. These disputes require a skilled Fort Lauderdale partnership disputes lawyer to help untangle.

Limited Liability Companies (“LLC”) and Partnerships are often comprised of several members, or partners, respectively. The members and partners are key players in their respective entities, and in many instances are the primary source of capital and can affect the flow, growth and overall vitality of a business. However, there are many issues that commonly surface between members or partners and when left unresolved can result in costly, time-consuming disputes.

Having a Partnership Agreement in writing can help expedite these disputes. However, many partnerships are centered on an informal, unwritten agreement. This can make untangling a dispute difficult but not impossible. We will work to find a solution that best fits your given partnership. If it possible to avoid litigation and instead pursue arbitration or alternative dispute resolution, we will try to do that. We understand that partners often need to continue working together even after a dispute so we work to find the quickest, most efficient solution while advocating for your interests.

Sometimes, however, the disputes are too deep to heal. If you have been involved in a dispute because of breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, fraud, or any other acts of malfeasance from your partners, it is important to contact a South Florida partnership disputes attorney to find out what remedies exist under the law.

The attorneys of Schecter Law have helped LLCs and Partnerships in Broward, Palm Beach and Miami-Dade counties find solutions for their disputes. Whether you run a small or large company, we can assist you. We fully analyze the issues that exist in your dispute and help you determine the proper course of action.

We utilize the team approach because we believe that collaboration enhances the quality of service to our clients, and adds value to our representation. Our attorneys bring insightful legal analysis and hard work in every aspect of your case. We dedicate detailed and in-depth attention and analysis to all of our cases at a level that surpasses the big firms, but with legal fees that do not. This allows you to save money while sacrificing nothing in terms of expertise or quality of representation. We take great pride in our client satisfaction and in fostering a level of trust through open communication.

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We are committed to our clients as we are to their cases – Your phone calls are returned promptly; the lawyer assigned to your file is directly accountable to you; and, you will always be able to contact the partner in charge directly, without any buffers. If you are currently involved in a dispute with your business partner, contact the South Florida partnership disputes attorneys at Schecter Law. We strive to produce satisfied clients and we would be happy to assist in any disputes you may have.

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