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It is always best to have any agreements spelled out explicitly in the form of a written contract. This way, any dispute can refer to the contract itself instead of the word of each party. However, a contract does not have to be written to be enforceable. Sometimes in construction agreements, there is simply a handshake agreement to perform a task. If someone breaks that agreement, a South Florida broken agreements attorney can enforce it as if it were a broken contract.

Construction agreements will delineate the rights and obligations between parties, and are essential to a smooth transaction. In an ideal world, both parties maintain their end of the bargain and perform as promised.

However, in the real world, agreements are occasionally broken. Schecter Law has defended and prosecuted lawsuits for broken agreements since 1976, and with related experience in construction and transactional law, our attorneys are well equipped to handle all aspects of your broken agreement dispute. We fully analyze the issues that exist in your dispute and help you determine the proper course of action.

One way a person may enforce an agreement is to show that consideration has already been accepted by the opposing party. For instance, if a company always makes a delivery at the same time every Tuesday and they have accepted payment in advance for the coming months, they cannot simply decide not to stick to their schedule or skip a week of delivery. If they have accepted payment for future deliveries, then a Fort Lauderdale broken agreements lawyer will likely be able to show that there was a reasonable expectation that these deliveries would continue.

Our team of attorneys will collaborate to make sure that any agreements, whether formal or informal, are followed by their parties. If an agreement is broken, our attorneys will work tireless to make sure we are able to enforce the terms of the agreement in a court of law.

We utilize the team approach because we believe that collaboration enhances the quality of service to our clients, and adds value to our representation. Our attorneys bring insightful legal analysis and hard work in every aspect of your case. We dedicate detailed and in-depth attention and analysis to all of our cases at a level that surpasses the big firms, but with legal fees that do not. This allows you to save money while sacrificing nothing in terms of expertise or quality of representation. We take great pride in our client satisfaction and in fostering a level of trust through open communication.

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We are committed to our clients as we are to their cases – Your phone calls are returned promptly; the lawyer assigned to your file is directly accountable to you; and, you will always be able to contact the partner in charge directly, without any buffers. If you are currently involved in a broken agreement, contact the South Florida broken agreements attorneys at Schecter Law. We strive to produce satisfied clients and we would be happy to assist in any broken agreement proceedings you may have.

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