How to Organize a Business Partnership


A business partnership is defined as any venture or trade involving two or more people working together. Partnerships can be an excellent way to connect talented people and reward them with business ownership and profit, and a partnership can improve the chances that a venture will be successful. When you form a new business partnership in South […]

How a Lawyer Can Help Your Small Business


Running a small business can be complicated, and a Broward County small business lawyer can often be an invaluable ally during the planning and execution of your business. Many small business owners wait until the last second to hire a lawyer and this is all too often a mistake. A lawyer can reduce the chance […]

Do You Need a Contract Attorney?

do you need a florida contract lawyer

Contracts are often a necessary aspect of business or personal transactions but many people neglect hiring an attorney for their most important contracts. Setting your contract up properly is important to ensure that you have legal remedies and protections if anything goes wrong. A Fort Lauderdale contract attorney can help you draft your contracts or review any […]

Your Small Business Likely Needs These Contracts

Florida Business Formation Attorney

The process of starting a new business can be difficult and time consuming, and business owners will sometimes skip the important steps of creating an operating agreement, NDA and confidentiality agreements, client agreements, and other important contracts. Neglecting the creation of these agreements can turn out to be a major hassle down the road for a company, […]

Why You Should Hire an Attorney When Forming a Business Partnership

South Florida Business Partnership Lawyer

In the majority of circumstances, it is a mistake to neglect hiring a South Florida business agreement lawyer when you decide to form any type of business partnership. In spite of the trust that you may have between your business partners, conflicts and problems are sometimes an inevitable consequence of doing business. Even if a dispute never […]

When Do You Need a Contract Dispute Lawyer?

Florida Contract Dispute Attorney

Contract disputes are sometimes an inevitable part of doing business, and a dispute can arise in several different circumstances. For instance, disputes occur when all parties don’t agree with a version of a contract, when contractors don’t agree with their contract terms, when there are mistakes with the contract, or coercion or fraud. When you get into […]

When is the Right Time to Hire a Contract Attorney?

Fort Lauderdale Contract Attorney

During the operation of your business there can be many contractual issues that arise, and you may need to hire a Fort Lauderdale contract attorney to deal with these issues. You may need to hire a contract attorney for several reasons including: reviewing contracts and lease agreements, drafting new contracts, preventing and managing breach of […]

When Should You Hire A South Florida Small Business Lawyer

Florida attorney for forming business entity

Many business owners believe that they can wait until they run into a legal problem before hiring a lawyer, but this is often a major mistake. There are certainly some issues that small business owners can handle on their own, such as creating a business plan, picking a website domain, or getting an employer identification […]

Hire a Business Formation Attorney Before Your Business Runs Into Problems

Fort Lauderdale Florida Business Formation Attorney

Hiring an attorney as early as possible can be one of the best business decisions that you make for several reasons. Almost inevitably you will have some sort of legal dispute during the operation of your business. If you have a Fort Lauderdale business formation attorney on retainer who is already familiar with your business, you […]

A Fort Lauderdale Business Agreement Attorney Can Help You Structure Your Contracts

Fort Lauderdale Business Agreement Attorney

Hire a Business Agreement Attorney for Help with Structuring Your Contracts Business owners sometimes attempt to handle the job of drafting their own contracts to save money, but this often can be a mistake. Your agreements and contracts are a crucial component of your business which can become a costly problem if they are not carefully structured […]